Since installing notePRESS into our Safeway supermarkets, feedback from cashiers and management indicates the units have been well received, and assist in the control of notes. From a security point of view, we have not had a 'snatch & grab' from a store with notePRESS installed. Steven Murphy State Security Manager, Safeway.
  notePRESS creates an instant visible deterrent to 'snatch & grabs', and provides a deterrent to staff pilferage the moment it is installed!
notePRESS is more efficient. If time is money, then saving time will save you money. With notePRESS installed notes are kept flat - reducing count times.

notePRESS pays for itself. The notePRESS cash handling system costs $50 per till and saves time on every till count. notePRESS pays for itself in time-saving alone.