Since installing notePRESS into our Safeway supermarkets, feedback from cashiers and management indicates the units have been well received, and assist in the control of notes. From a security point of view, we have not had a 'snatch & grab' from a store with notePRESS installed. Steven Murphy State Security Manager, Safeway.

Australian installations

The patented notePRESS cash handling system has been installed into KMart, BIGW, Safeway, Woolworths, selected Coles supermarkets, Target, Franklins-IGA, Rebel Sports stores, Priceline, and has received positive reports from all customers . notePRESS is the safe and efficient way to handle cash.

Why you need notePRESS

An Australian Institute of Criminology recent study of crime patterns among small retailers reports 'for every 100 businesses surveyed, 62 incidents of burglary occurred. Customer theft was the most common form of theft'. notePRESS creates a visible deterrent to the increasingly common 'snatch and grab'. Don't be a victim. Install notePRESS now.

The immediate benefits

By installing notePRESS cash handing system into your cash register you will immediately benefit in 3 important ways:
  • Create a visible deterrent to 'snatch and grabs'
  • Improve cash handling efficiency
  • Eliminate lost notes via 'note creep'